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Paleo Challenge Calendar

Before The Start

  • Register for Measurements Here!  Wear tightly fitted clothing including shorts and tank top or bathing suit. – please no underwear. We are available on Wednesday  3 and Friday 5
  • Register for your penzu online journal.  Your username is your email address and your password is your first and last name.  If it requires a number, use 1.
  • Email your username and password to

Week 1: July 7-13

  • Sunday July 7 @ 12:01 am Paleo Challenge begins!
  • Sunday July 7 @ 2:30pm The Makeup Benchmark WOD!  If you cannot attend on Wednesday, today is the day to make it up!
  • Sunday July 7 @ 3:30pm 1st Paleo Meeting @ HCF. No pitch-in Today.
  • Wednesday, July 10 Complete ‘before’ WODs
  • Register for Measurements Here! Wear tightly fitted clothing including shorts and tank top or bathing suit – please no underwear. We are available on Monday the 8. *email with schedule conflicts

Week 2: July 14-20

  • Sunday, July 14 @ 3:30pm Grocery Store Tour.  Meet at South Walnut Kroger By the entrance
  • Wednesday, July 17 at 7:15pm. Paleo Meeting at 7:15pm w/ pitch-in!  Special ingredient challenge will be Released  soon!
  • Saturday, July 20 – Fischer Farms at 10am! We’ll leave the gym around 8am!  This will include a tour of the farm, plus a meal!  All gym Event @ 3pm- Rowing with Olympian Jen Kaido! Learn to row on a lake for only $10. Go to mindbody for details and registration.  You CAN do BOTH!

Week 3July 21-27

  • Wednesday, July 17 at 7:15pm Meeting + pitch-in #1 Secret Ingredient Challenge: zucchini theme

Week 4: July 28-Aug 3

  • Sunday, July 28 @ 12:30pm All-Gym Bryan Park Picnic  – Food Challenge #2 Secret Ingredient Challenge: BBQ theme

Week 5: Aug 4- Aug 10

  • Wednesday, August 7 @7:15, Pitch-in Meeting @ HCF.  Food Challenge #3 Secrete Ingredient Challenge: Peaches theme
  • Saturday August 10 @ 5:30pm Olive Leaf Outing.  Learn about Olive Oil!

Week 6: Aug 11-17

  • Saturday, August 17 @ 11:59pm is the end of the paleo challenge!
  • Saturday, August 17: $60 to be a part of the Plane Pull Challenge!   Pull  HUGE plane for TIME!
  • Complete After WODs TBA: These will be happening the week of August 12-16
  • August 14 & 16th from 5:15pm-7:30pmSchedule your post-Measurement Here
  • Wednesday, August 21 @ 7:15pm Final Meeting w/ slideshow and winner results!