The paleo challenge is awesome because it holds you accountable to maintain a strict paleo lifestyle.  When you put your all into the challenge, the results are truly amazing.  You may ditch your diabetes medication, feel your arthritis improving, or lose over 20lbs of unwanted weight in only 6 weeks time!


Preparing for the Challenge

1.  This challenge is for partners and/or individuals

2. Register on Mindbody Events Tab. $90 for a team of 2 or $50 for an individual

3.  Sign up for your “before” appointment.  There will be a sign up sheet in Mindbody “Measurements” tab. Or, you can Sign up Here!  We will provide a 30-minute time slot before the challenge begins. During the appointment, we’ll conduct the following:

  • “Before” pictures.  To be eligible to win, you must take a before/after picture.  If you’re a challenge winner, we reserve the right to promote your results.  It’s best to wear a bathing suit or something tight fitting to observe your results.
  • Measurements. Weight (in minimal clothing), waist (largest area), chest, arms, thighs.

2. Complete bench mark workout. TBA. This will take place around the time the challenge begins and will be a scheduled CrossFit WOD.  We’ll make sure you get it in.  We will have a make up session.

3. Pick up a notebook you can record your meals in. We will collect and review your journals 2-3 times throughout the challenge to make sure you all are on track. You can also go to penzu online journals to keep track on the computer.  You need to send us your email address and your password needs to be your first/last name and #6 (JennaTieman6)

During the Challenge

 1. Journal Maintenance. 

  • Your first Entry will label “RESULTS”- you will record your measurements and results from the benchmark WOD.  You should know where you started and where you end up!
  • In daily entries, You will include the date, your sleep, WOD and Results, and a description of additional activities in which you may earn points (see below).
  • We will collect journals 1-2 times throughout the challenge; on the weekend between Friday-Monday.  We will read and write some suggestions in your journals to help you improve your diet. Stay updated to know when you will submit them to us.

2. New point system!

WOD Performance (90 total points)

  • Earn 5 points per CrossFit WOD up to 3 times a week (totaling in 15 points for the week), regardless of additional WODs.

Dietary Compliance (210 total points)

Each DAY you gain 5 points for a 100% paleo diet.  If you eat a non-paleo “cheat meal”, you lose 5 points.   Let’s talk about these rules.

There are 6 meal opportunities each day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.  If you cheat at dinner, you lose 5 points, and you can cheat as much as you’d like over the course of dinner.  If you cheat later in the evening with a late night snack, you lose an additional 5 points.  For that day you have -10 points.

Life Transformation Bonus Points (200 total points)

Cheating used to take you out of the game; but now, we’ve determined how you can work your way out of that little mishap to keep you in the game. The bonus points below can help you maintain accountability, even after a stressful slip.

  • 30 points total: Completing Journal entries Monday-Friday. 5 points per week.
  • 30 Points total: Playing at least 20 minutes of a sport for 5 points once a week.  (Running and Rowing are not considered sports in which you earn points)  you may play any hand/eye or team activity to count as a sport.  
  • 90 points total: Spending at least 10 minutes of Mobility for 5 points up to 3 times a week. This does not include mobility before, during, or after your scheduled WODs
  • 30 points total: Spending at least 10 minutes of  Skill work for 5 points once a week.  You can do this before/after workouts or come to the gym anytime we are open.
  • 20 points (end of challenge testimonial video posted to Facebook.  Instructions to follow)

YOU WILL BEGIN WITH 500 POINTS. Deduct points if you cheated a meal, missed 1 of 3 WODs, or didn’t achieve the bonus points.

3. You will attend meetings see posted schedule!

4. Weekly mini challenges see posted schedule!

How to Win

We have a pointing system that will accurately determine the winner based solely on points!  Your before/after inches and performance, diary compliance, WOD performance, and life transformation points will all be reflected in an intelligent pointing system.

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