Sunday Reflection/Weekly Challenge #2

Sunday’s Reflection

Today is the Second post to reflect on your first week of the paleo challenge.   This is a mandatory assignment for everyone participating.  You can reflect on your experiences. For example, today, discuss your first Week 100% paleo! Did you try a new paleo recipe that turned out good? Did you have a great workout week?  Did you have trouble eating on the run in the morning or quick meals in the evening?  Share your thoughts!  Have any questions!? See what your peers have for advice!

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Weekly Challenge #2

How the weekly challenge works? The challenge is for individuals, not teams.  Weekly challenges will vary week to week. The prizes will vary week to week.   The weekly challenges are for fun and not mandatory.  We will consider your participation, however, when we decide winners at the end of the challenge.

What was the challenge Last Week?!  Eat a new meat and new vegetable.   We had 23 participants and 1 winner – Bryce W!  He will receive a manly gift package from Bath and Body Works 😉

What is the challenge this week?! “The Caveman Paleo Sit challenge” – Your challenge is to eat a meal while paleo sitting. Why? This challenge will help open your hips for better range of motion, plus, we want to see you eat like an urban caveman. Before your meal, do a few squats (the test).  After you finish your paleo sit challenge, do a few more squats (re-test).  We’d like you to shoot for at least 10 minutes in your squat to help you feel the difference in your range of motion.  On Facebook or Commenting on THIS POST, you must write how long you sat, any comments you had about your experience, and we would definitely enjoy a picture.


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The Paleo diet is simple yet remarkably effective for fat loss and halting or preventing a number of degenerative diseases. To reap the benefits of the most effective nutritional strategy known, one need simply build meals from the following: * Lean proteins (ideally) grass fed meat, free range fowl and wild caught fish * Seasonal fruits and vegetables * Healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil Our 6 week challenge will help you ease your way into the Paleo Diet. Regardless of your fitness or health goals, you WILL look, feel and perform your best on the Paleo diet. For most people the fact the Paleo diet delivers the best results is enough. Improved blood lipids, weight loss and reduced pain from autoimmunity is proof enough. Many people however are not satisfied with blindly following any recommendations, be they nutrition or exercise related. Some folks like to know WHY they are doing something. Fortunately, the Paleo diet has stood not only the test of time, but also the rigors of scientific scrutiny. View all posts by hcfchallenge

72 responses to “Sunday Reflection/Weekly Challenge #2

  • hcfchallenge

    Shaun and I paleo sat for 10 minutes while eating our meal and watching the new XMen movie.

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  • Jen Smallwood

    I like the carefully worded “EAT” a meal while paleo sitting, not “ENJOY” a meal while paleo sitting. Or maybe that’ll just be me. 🙂 The other problem with eating this close to the ground is that my dog will try to enjoy my paleo meal as well!
    Anyway, my first week was GREAT. No cravings at all, which is really awesome for this ice cream addict. Last night I made some paleo coconut pancakes which were fabulous (If you like the flavor of coconut.) I also discovered, yesterday, and much to my dismay that all of the packages of bacon at bloomingfoods contain SUGAR. Every. single. one. Cured, uncured, apple or hickory smoked. All of them had sugar (brown, cane, turbadino). It didn’t occur to me that bacon had ingredients– but look out people– they are messing with the meat!!!! I was really bummed because I really wanted bacon. The breakfast sausage by Fisher’s Farms ALSO had sugar. Stupid sugar. I will have to buy ground pork and season it with sage myself to get breakfast sausage. I had to buy Italian sausage to find one without sugar listed, though it did list the ubiquitous “flavorings” on the label, which is highly suspect IMO.
    On a happier note, I have found that I’m not inclined to eat between meals, which is fantastic. My sleeping is on and off, though, so I’m working on figuring that one out. Maybe I need to add in some meditation! Looking forward to Week 2!!

    • Robert Haneberg


      I have been looking for a good bacon/sausage without having to make it myself. The only luck I have found so far is the Kroger Brand low(er)-sodium bacon. No sugar! However, pork seems to have a high salt content. Hopefully the powers running this challenge can confirm or deny the validity of my find for this challenge.

      Crossfit OTR

      • Jen Smallwood

        Thanks, Rob! I was at Bloomingfoods looking for a local option! I usually buy the Kroger brand anyway. 🙂 Plain ground pork (I’ll check the sodium content on that) is pretty easy to flavor on your own with sage to make it taste just like breakfast sausage, and control (hopefully) the sodium.

  • Ellie Bernstein

    Week 1 went really well for me. All of my carb and sugar cravings are GONE. I’m really surprised…I knew this was supposed to happen but I didn’t really buy it until I experienced it. I thought it was just a mental thing and everyone was just disciplined enough to get through sugar/carb cravings, but now I realize that once you completely eradicate them from your diet you don’t think about them or want them at all! It’s really crazy how the body adjusts so quickly. Yesterday I had my first craving…and it was for beef jerky!! LOL i used to hate beef jerky and make fun of my husband for eating “meat leather”. It’s really delicious though. The week before we started the Paleo Challenge I had printed out a bunch of paleo replacements for things I thought I would crave like pizza, brownies, cookies, etc. and I haven’t made a single one. It turns out I am enjoying REAL food and the taste of meat and veggies without crap all over it. I also am glad I was tracking not only everything I ate, but what time I ate it at. I definitely noticed that I need to make my meals bigger so I don’t get hungry constantly. I was always a grazer–eating small amounts at all times, so at first it kind of freaked me out to eat a half a pound of meat in one sitting, but toward the end of the week I started to realize that’s how you stay satisfied for longer and then I don’t need to bring 100 snacks with me to get through my day. I also was a fat-a-phobe and have added so much more healthy fats into my diet (more oil, nuts, nut butters, avocado, etc) and have found it’s been super helpful keeping me satisfied, especially in the morning and at night. The only thing I was doing a little differently than most people was that I was eating lots of fruit. I decided before I began that fruit was one thing I wasn’t going to cut down on because I’m not really trying to lose weight, but I’m trying to add muscle. In the middle of the week I started to feel really foggy and out of it, and I figured it was because my blood sugar was low (a problem I have anyway) so I just kept eating fruit to try and make myself feel more normal. It didn’t work at all and was making me feel worse, so I talked to Shaun, Heather, and Katie about it and they suggested I cut down on fruit and up my protein and veggies. I listened to them and so far no more foggyness! Thanks guys!!! Hope everyone else is finding this challenge to be as eye opening and awesome as I am. I’m totally loving this new lifestyle! Have a good week y’all! XOXO

  • Audra

    My first week went well! I’ve found it to be surprisingly easy, and I’m really starting to enjoy cooking. Each time I make something that tastes good it makes me want to keep doing it! Last week’s challenge prompted me to buy more veggies I’ve never had. This week I’ll be trying brussel sprouts and purple cauliflower. Yes. It’s purple. I don’t know if it’ll taste any different than the typical white cauliflower, but I intend to find out!
    There were a couple things I learned this week. First, eat enough. On Monday I was hungry all day. I felt like I was eating constantly and never fully satiated, but on Tuesday I ate a little more of everything at my main meals and didn’t feel the need to snack in between. Second, I noticed certain things were consumed out of habit or boredom. Diet soda is something I only craved a couple days. Most of the time I didn’t really want one but it was habit for me to have one with lunch. Similarly, when I’m at home and bored my mind wanders into the land of tasty treats. One of my goals this week will be continuing to kick these food-related habits/boredom eating. It turns out craving pop probably just means I’m thirsty (a glass of water does the trick), and if I’m bored and considering a snack when I’m not hungry then I need to distract myself by walking my dog or cleaning, etc. My other goal for the week is to consume a veggie at breakfast each day (left-over steamed broccoli this morning).
    Lastly, I wanted to mention the no-oat oatmeal Jenna just posted on here is good stuff. I’ve eaten it several days for breakfast this week and intend to try the pumpkin version soon.

    • Audra

      I also got to meet my partner, Susan, this week. 🙂 She’s finishing OnRamp this week, and I’m so excited for her!

      • susan

        Thanks Audra…it was great to meet you too. I’m anxious to hear about how the purple cauliflower tastes. I bought a purple pepper at the farmers market.

  • Cara Hays

    The first week was really good for me! It’s so amazing the changes you feel making the transition between pretty paleo (I still did things like put a little cream in my coffee) and completely paleo! It feels really good and it’s significantly easier once you eradicate all non-paleo foods from your body. This week I ended up eating something I’d never had before almost everyday- shout out to my partner, Catherine! First I had ground buffalo, which I made into a meatloaf. This was so good, I’ll leave the recipe for anyone who wants to try it. With that, I had mashed cauliflower and turnips. Cauliflower has always been something that I didn’t particularly like, but would eat if I had to and I had never had turnips. I didn’t like it one bit. Stick to the foods you like, for sure! Then on Friday, Catherine and I had a dinner and she still had to have her challenge meal. So, we had Buffalo steaks, chiagga (I think that’s how it’s spelled!), fried sweet potatoes, and a salad that I had made. The buffalo steaks were really very different from the buffalo that I made, both yummy! The chiagga was really, really interesting. It was white and pink striped, but tasted exactly like sweet corn! If anyone really likes corn, definitely try that- you’ll get the flavor without the kernel! Then, I made a salad with some ingredients that I’m sure I’ve had before, but had never cooked with. It was spinach, eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, and tomato. Ended up being really good and I think I’ll end up eating more eggplant and zucchini with my meals.
    This week, I want to continue to cut back on the fruit and eat vegetables in the morning. I’m such an eggs and bacon kind of person, but I think a vegetable would help me on my longer days.

    Meatloaf Recipe:
    1 diced onion
    2 lb. ground meat
    1 cup almond meal
    2 eggs
    1 can tomato paste
    1 tbsp. crushed garlic
    1/2 tbsp basil
    a little pepper
    Just mix all the ingredients, form into a loaf, and bake at 350 for 1 hour.

    and I promised Ellie and Jenna my Pancake recipe. I made these this morning, they are so yummy!

    Banana and Flax Seed Pancakes
    1/2 cup mashed banana (about 1 medium-large size banana)
    2 tbsp. almond butter
    1 1/2 tbs ground flax (I use a little less.. jenna lol)
    1 egg

    Combine everything in a bowl and fry pancakes for 1 min on each side!

    Hope everyone has a good week!

  • Sam Spade

    This first full week of strict Paleo has been good for me, as expected. Like I might have mentioned before, I tried Paleo on my own a month ago and had great results, so I knew what to expect in terms of cravings, hunger, etc. This go-around, my goal was and continues to be the inclusion of vegetables into every meal. With some planning, this has not been an issue at all. Not including my new veggie, bok choy, I’ve had onions, shallots, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and peppers in an assortment of colors with every meal. I consider that my biggest Paleo win of the week.

    I’ve also had minimal fruits, which is not a big change to my normal diet. Meghan’s parents brought a huge bushel of apples for us, so I’ve incorporated them into my diet this week through homemade applesauce and Paleo Apple Pie, which was a fantastic snack at work one day. I’ve also had one orange. Other than that, niente on the fruits!

    One thing I haven’t been pleased with this week has been my performance in the gym. I know I’m usually one of the last ones to finish WODs, but I felt thoroughly demoralized by the end of the week. Monday was fine with ring/muscle up progressions and deadlift. Tuesday, I originally intended to go to open gym to stretch and work on handstands, but I ended up doing the WOD that day. At that point, I felt pretty good about what I was doing. Then, I met Angie on Wednesday. And Friday’s workout was especially hard for me, especially with the wall climbs. Maybe it was just those two workouts? Could it be something with my food intake? I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve decided to keep my original mindset, which is to not worry about finishing fast, but to worry about finishing right. Oh…and to suck less. BTFU, right?

    I hope everyone has a great week!!

    • Jen Smallwood

      Wednesday, Friday AND Saturday’s workout this week wiped me out, too! They were hard. It’s not just you!

    • Jen R.

      it’s DEFINITELY not just you! I felt the same way after Angie on Wednesday and after the wall climbs on Friday. I’m sorry you felt that way, too, but I am kind of relieved to now that I wasn’t alone in my demoralization 🙂 Those were really tough workouts…I like to think about it this way: we may have struggled, but we kicked ass compared to people who didn’t do the workout at all! Hang in there 🙂

      • susan

        Sam, Jen, and Jen,
        Thank you so much for sharing. In a strange sort of way it’s nice to hear that real CrossFitters struggle too. I’m still in On Ramp and nearly cried in Shaun’s face this week. As the tears were popping into my eyes, I was having a fight with myself in my head and I thought: “what is this man going to think if this old lady cries in his face?” and “I pay money to do this!” 🙂 Anyway, as the week went on, I heard that it is sort of normal to have the workouts backslide on the first week of 100% Paleo. That was reassuring and I hope to go UP from here. 🙂

  • Pam Weddle

    Week one was easier than I thought it would be. I was really prepared to go through some serious sugar withdrawl after typically going to Starbucks at least 4 days a week. I didn’t crave my chai tea lattes like usual.
    I think the best part of this challenge so far is trying out all the great recipes and new food choices. Never would I have thought about buying Ostrich! It’s so easy to stick with the same things and rotate them but now I have several new meals on the menu. My favorite so far has been the smothered pork chops. (recipe from Angie) and the zucchini brownies (recipe on Heather’s blog). I have been cooking so much and bringing leftovers to work daily which my co workders love. I even made 3 batches of paleo pancakes and took for the staff on saturday morn.
    I attended another cookout last night with several of my favorite foods and desserts but I honestly was able to pass them up without feeling like I was missing out. That’s a big step for me. My partner and I keep in touch via text often. Having someone to help you stay focused and to answer questions, really helps. I still feel like I’m snacking too much and I think it’s more out of habit than actual hunger. I plan to work on that this week..

    I’m looking forward to trying out more great recipes this week!

  • Karen Peterson-Taylor

    Hi, I can’t believe I did it! My husband and I did follow the diet and he is so impressed with himself. I made some acorn squash at the beginning of the week and grilled portabella’s and chicken and burgers for him. I bought eggplant and turnips but with working 56 hours this week and school not too much time to really spend cooking. This week will be better. This am at 530 I made him paleo chili. Boy did it smell good. I shared it with my meat eater coworkers Leah and Jenn and they said it was good. Hope hubby liked it. Jenn H and I are going to make Lobster/cod soup tomorrow. I hope to get more variety it my diet. I ate alot of fruit and almond butter. I did have more salad this week. But, I did have too many nuts and craisins-yum. I feel good and have alot of energy and I hope it continues. Here’s to more veggies!

  • Katie Heeter

    First week of strict paleo went really well! I also feel so much better and honestly i feel a bit leaner already! Had some great variety in my food this week including trying a new protein and veggie! I even tailgated this weekend and on the fly grabbed an unwich from jimmy John’s so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat the non-paleo things. Unfortunatly

  • Katie Heeter

    I had a little trouble with the alcohol yesterday and had a couple of beers. I feel horrible for the cheat and there is nothing more I can do but know how disappointed I am in myself and just move on and hope I have stronger will power in the coming weeks.

    I just went to Bloomingfoods (and spend a lot of money of course 😦 ), but got lots of goodies and I am excited for this week. We are having bison burgers tonight and I am going to make Cara’s meatloaf this week it looks delicious!! I am excited to see myself in the coming week and am really having a great time with this challenge!!!

  • Jen R.

    I had an interesting thought on Friday this past week as I waited for my name to be called at physical therapy: the Paleo lifestyle is a celebration of foods that we are supposed to eat, rather than a diet which is more of a list of things you are NOT supposed to eat, or a program where you have to painstakingly record every bite of food (talk about the opposite of a celebration!). There’s a Weight Watchers next door to therapy, and I guess that’s what got me thinking about this. I tried WW once. I saw minimal results, and it was an enormous pain in the ass. Every time you tried to cook or bake anything, you had to look up each individual ingredient and figure out how much of what you used equaled how many ‘points’. The recipes that came in the little book that they gave me were alright, but nothing to write home about, that’s for sure. It was so annoying to add up all of that everyday. Plus, it was stupid that you could go get ice cream for a certain amount of points, and then deny yourself other foods the rest of the day to make up for it – in other words, eat crap and then make up for it by denying your body other healthier foods afterwards. Anyway, I like that the Paleo lifestyle is easy (no stupid point counting) and the fact that it focuses on what you CAN eat and enjoy, and WHY foods outside of the lifestyle are bad for your health. That kind of reasoning resonates with me. I also love how positive, engaged, and excited all of the Paleo blog writers are (especially yours, Heather R.!). The blogs make you excited to eat and try new things. Paleo makes eating fun, not a chore – this has been a total surprise to me!

    Yesterday, I skipped tailgating and the IU game, and I went to the Paleo Challenge meeting at HCF instead. I was glad that I did; I got lots of ideas and inspiration rather than a lot of temptations. I think I’m going to try a few of the things that people talked about at the meeting. I’d love to try one of the bangers and mash recipes, either Culley’s or Michele’s. I also REALLY want to try Cara’s bison meatloaf – that is very high on my list (thanks for posting the recipe, Cara!). In addition, I came away with a few new goals for this week: to eat even less of the high cacao chocolate (so less than ¼ serving), and I also want to roast more of my own chickens rather than buying rotisserie chickens at the store. Jenna and I talked after the meeting, and I learned a lot about the store-bought chickens. In the future, I’m going to just try to use those in a pinch and instead roast my own at home. I also want to try baking another Paleo treat this week to share with everyone – it adds some variety, gives me a treat, and it’s fun to play in the kitchen with the recipes. I think I will also make another crockpot of Paleo chili this week – that stuff is great in a pinch. I am so insipred by everyone’s successes in the kitchen this week, and I can’t wait to try and make some more new things myself!

    I have been amazed by the kind of energy that I have. The thing that I’ve noticed is that even though I don’t get the kind of sleep that I need (just part of being a mom), I still have energy, and that is SO COOL. I actually still get things done every day. Even when I wake up not feeling all that great, I recover so much more quickly than I did before. I can totally see why people with auto-immune disease find relief on the Paleo diet. I don’t believe that it’s a cure, but I do believe it is instrumental in helping those of us who are affected by auto-immune disease to cope. I’ve not had this much relief in YEARS. It makes me emotional and I just want to tell the world…it makes me excited for the future and the idea that I can feel normal again.

    Anyway, thanks for all the support, fellow Challengers! Cheers to a GREAT week!

    • hcfchallenge

      Jen, this is what this challenge is about. Some people want their cake and eat it too. Unfortunately, you can’t eat badly and feel good at the same time. When you overcome your temptations, you feel proud, inspired, and motivated! good for you!

    • Jen R.

      Thanks! I do feel great and you have absolutely no idea how proud I am of myself! I don’t say that to sound arrogant, but just knowing what I came from and what I was doing…well, it’s been huge! I’m just so happy about it. I also think I had forgotten how much fun food can be…I’m actualy enjoying my time in the kitchen – who knew? haha

      • Heather

        Jen R. I loved what you said in the meeting that we should ENJOY eating and not make it a “chore”! That is so GREAT and so so so true! I love seeing you overcome your challenges 🙂 inspiring!

  • Catherine Campbell

    I have to say my first Paleo-strict week started off strong but ended in some frustrations. I noticed that I become extremely irritable when I’m hungry and stressed. I know I preach about it all the time but working, on my feet, non-stop for 10+ hours in the span of one weekend takes a toll on my body mentally and physically. It’s one thing to prepare and another not to have the time to eat the snacks i’ve prepared! I think one big mistake that I’ve made is not eating a big breakfast even when i’m not that hungry in the morning. Knowing that I have a long day ahead, I think a big bfast will help with that ravenous hunger.

    On the positive side, I feel less bloated and clothes are feeling a bit looser. I’ve also enjoyed the process of cooking (extremely novice, mind you). I may have been spoiled over the course of my college years as a student-athlete with training tables and years growing up in a home where dinner was pretty much whatever we grabbed on our own at the grocery store or fast food on the way home (mom was the breadwinner and often came home past dinner time). I love that Paleo recipes are simple and less complicated than most. I made the date balls, tuna steaks, buffalo sirloin and broiled some veggies – all of which were delicious.

    I’m working my way up back to 4 wod’s a week. I have noticed a difference in my sleep – longer in duration and more awake in the morning. It’s less of an excuse about my work schedule and more about being excited about becoming stronger in more ways than one.

    My goal for this week is to consume 4L of water each day. Each time I’ve stuck to this goal in the past, it’s always produced good results. I’m also hoping that it will subside the snack cravings throughout the day. I also want to commit to writing in my journal or picking up The Paleo solution instead of snacking on nuts!!

    • hcfchallenge

      Catherine, I’m so proud of you! It’s hard to go from grabbing on the go to full-blown cooking. Plus, the more you do it, the easier it is to prepare your meals. I look forward to your successes inside and outside fo the gym!

  • Ibrahim

    The first week of the challenge was a lot harder than i thought it would be. I live with 4 other college roommates who eat pizza, tacos, and steakin shake almost every night of the week. They also don’t believe that crossfit is a good type of workout. So it is kind of stressful at times. They all ways love to give me a hard time about what i can and can’t eat. Then they like to discuss how it makes no since that i am not eating grains or dairy. Also that all the facts that i have shared with nutrition is not factual. Take note that all of my roommates are not in a health related field at all in school and exercise 5 times in one month and then quit for about 4 months and then start it back up again. So that is the biggest thing im trying to over come. Also the not going out to the bars with my friends because im not really into hanging with a bunch of drunk people when i can’t drink or eat anything at the establishments.

    Overall I feel the same for the most part. I think i have a little more energy but i really need to wait until we start this week to really compare myself physically. It is not as hard as i thought it would be to cook the food. I usually just through chicken and a vegetable in a pan and stir fry it.

    My goal is to try to eat less pork. I might have had to much last week. Im going to look more into beef and chicken. Also i want to try more new recipes like spaghetti squash.

  • Janssen Jones

    This week went really well for me. I picked up some Steve’s Original PaleoKits, Beef Jerky, Beef Sticks, and Krunch bars, and also made a few recipes out of Paleo Comfort Foods (Spaghetti Squash, Paleo Biscuits and Gravy, Egg Frittata, et cetera), but for the most part, stuck to the tried and true meat and two greens lunch and dinner. I’ve been sleeping soundly each night, and feeling good throughout the workouts. I also hit 160 pounds for the first time in I’m guessing about 15-20 years (I was 190 at the beginning of the year). I’m excited to continue both OnRamp and the Paleo Challenge. Each day will be fill be filled with PRs over the next month. 🙂


  • Bryce Wininger

    The first week of officially eating 100% Paleo went off without any major issues. Surprisingly, being stuck in hospitals all day every day is actually very helpful in adhering with the diet. I just fill up my red lunchbox with a plethora of Paleo-friendly options for the entire day, and there’s just no reason to be tempted to deviate from that. All the garbage that drug reps and staff members bring in to the breakrooms just don’t appeal to me anymore. When eating out with friends or family, I rarely have much of an issue ordering something Paleo-compatible. The other day, several med students and I had a very nice dinner at an old Italian favorite in Indy called Mama Carolla’s. Everyone else ordered big saucy, pasta-ey, carby concoctions–and all felt like absolute hell afterwards. I, however, just asked for one of the seafood items to be brought out without the usual angel hair pasta or cheese. Instead, I got a nice big serving of scallops, shrimp, mussels, and clams in a tomato sherry sauce. They also gave me a small plate of roasted veggies, which were cooked perfectly, However, three-fifths of the veggies were chunks of potato. Veggie fail. Oh, well.

    I also tried my hand at Paleo pancakes this morning. Much like our den-mom Pam Weddle, I too sojourned to Trader Joe’s (which is only like 2 miles from my house!) to pick up almond flour. The recipe I found online didn’t quite make use of the almond flour properly, so I had a lot of difficulty in getting the consistency just right. They ended up tasting great, however–except for the horribly burnt or mangled failures. I tried topping them with a little local apple butter (only ingredient is apples–much like Sam’s Oliver apple-wine find!), berries, and 100% pure maple syrup (only ingredient is….MAPLE SYRUP straight from some tree or another in Vermont).

    My greatest moment this week, however, happened today when my roommate Jacob declared that he was sick of the way he was eating and from now on was “going to do exactly what Bryce does.” Awesome. This, from a formerly complete and utter Paleo cynic?? Yes, that’s what this diet–and the changes you demonstrate to others–can do.

    • hcfchallenge

      Bryce, I am so proud of you, for one, doing our CrossFit workouts on your own is an amazing testiment to your dedication to health, but your determination to participate in our paleo challenge is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing nutrition with your roommate and particpating with us from afar!

  • Heather

    My first week of the paleo challenge was great! One of my goals is to cut back on fruit and I haven’t had any besides an avocado this week! I have noticed a HUGE difference in my mood, I am not nearly as moody or emotional as I can be 🙂 For the challenge I tried Kangaroo and eggplant- the kangroo isn’t something I would ever buy again, personally, I thought it had a strong “meaty” flavor- as for the eggplant, it was overcooked but I still really liked it and will totally buy it again for this week!
    I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference is my performance at the gym- YET- but I am still hopeful and will continue to work at it everyday!
    I will say that there have been two days this week where I wasn’t home for my “lunch time” and didn’t plan ahead (shame on me) but I didn’t feel like I was starving for food. I was able to wait until I got home to eat- which is great.
    My plan for this week is to keep on keepin on! 🙂 Meat + Veggies = success!

  • Kristin Poage

    My first week of Paleo eating was great. I had really stocked up my fridge with pre-cut, prepared veggies and some meats ahead of time. This worked for me when my schedule got tight with shuffling kids here or there. I found great success in limiting my fruit to one serving a day and haven’t really noticed a craving for it. In fact, I’ve noticed my craving for anything un-Paleo has basically disappeared. I went to a huge festival in my hometown this weekend and there were tons of foods that would normally have been really tempting, but it didn’t even appeal to me. I did make a TERRIFIC chocolate pudding, which I’ll post below. It’s great, but definitely a moderation type food, I think. It’s really rich.

    What I did notice this week were some habits I had formed that I didn’t realize were habits. For example, when I’m packing my kids lunches the night before, I used to just eat one or two Cheetos while I packed for them. I can’t tell you how many times I caught myself having to stop from making these little “cheats”. It made me realize that all those “little cheats” add up to “big cheats” by the end of the day! No more!!!

    WODs have been really tough for me this week. Not in my performance, but mostly because I couldn’t get to more than one! I had a pretty icky migraine mid-week which derailed my workouts for the rest of the week, plus going out of town over the weekend made a Saturday team WOD not possible. I was very frustrated. The good thing is that even with a migraine, I didn’t turn to easy, comfort type foods. I stuck with the Paleo and the headache wasn’t nearly as severe as I’ve had in the past.

    My goal this week is to get my workouts in and to continue to prepare ahead of time for meals. I think that is going to be the key to success for me!


    2 ripe avocados
    1/4 cup cocoa
    1/4 cup honey
    2 tsp cinnamon
    Coconut milk (until its a good pudding consistency. I put this in last and just do it until it seems right)

    Put avocado in a food processor until really smooth. Add other ingredients and process. Voila!

  • Terry

    The first week went really well. I have not been hungry or really don’t have any non-paleo food cravings. My work-outs are going well and I am not having any problems sleeping. I do have to plan to little more about my food choices and cooking time but with a little more experience I should get more efficient.

    I did try some different things this week, bison, tomatillos and spaghetti squash. I did like the spaghetti squash. Denise’s paleo snack after the Saturday WOD was great. It really hit the spot. About the this week’s challenge, I am a little concerned about eating like a caveman (squatting for 10 min.), but I will give it a try.

  • Angie Truelock

    My first week of Paleo has been amazing! I have felt great & I’ve had a lot more energy! I have even enjoyed all of the cooking! I am very surprised that I have not felt hungry! I know it’s only been 1 week but it hasn’t been as hard as I anticipated. I have found some favorite meals, that I would never have dreamed I would love!
    My husband and I went out this weekend & I was amazed by the will power I had to not eat the “good” things he was eating. A week ago I would’ve never let a breadstick pass me by, but I had no problem refusing it this weekend 🙂 And it felt good to not “give in” and eat junk! Still, my biggest temptation is chewing gum of all things! Oh, how I miss my Eclipse spearmint sugar free gum! 🙂 I think it has been very interesting to see what crazy things I am “addicted” to, or the things I “think” I needed. Who would think you would ever miss gum!?!?!
    I am excited for week 2!!! Good Luck to everyone & keep up the good work!!!

  • Kristen Payton

    The first week was great! I dont feel hungry between meals and i can already tell a difference in myself. An added bonus is i have less acne. Anyone else experiencing that too? I dont feel sluggish after meals but i do feel more down in spirits so k dont know if thats diet or stress related…hows everyone elses mood? We started the diet exactly 6 months until my wedding so i already have skinny visions of myself for my wedding and am motivated to stick with it for the 6 months if not longer. I have not cheated at al and kept my fruit and nuts to a minimum so i’m looking foward to my paleo brownies tonight!

  • Denise

    The first week was pretty good! I tried new things, cooking a beef stir fry in coconut oil, berries in coconut milk, ground kangaroo meat in a marinara sauce I put over spaghetti squash. I also made a new recipe…Paleo Energy Bars by Jameson’s mom…they are delish!!!! The receipe is above under Home. I need to work on planning and preparing things ahead of time, especially for lunches. I also have some late nights and no time to eat dinner and need to come up with quick meals for those days.

    It was also fun to cook with my daughter a few nights this week. We work pretty well together!

    I’m with Anige, I’m pretty proud of myself for resisting the nachos and salsa, and bread that usually accomapny meals which my husband can not pass up. Ready for Week #2…bring it on. One of my montras is “I can do anything for at least 30 days”…helps me get through.

    • hcfchallenge

      #1 I need your husband’s phone number. #2 Thank you for sharing the granola bars on Saturday. #3 You are so strong willed. Keep up the good work.

      • Denise

        Yes, my husband even stopped at Dairy Queen yesterday to get his sweets and I had to wait for him…I concentrated on a game on my iphone and wouldn’t even look at him…lol! It worked, when I got home I had some berries in coconut milk…yum!…tasted much better than that ice cream would have…and I felt much better afterward than I would have had I eaten the ice cream.

        Added comment about my montra…My montra during on ramp in January was “I can do anything for 4 weeks” and here I am 9 months later still going strong with crossfit. So I know the same can and will happen with paleo 🙂

  • Culley Pearson

    I’ve actually enjoyed my first week of The Challenge. I’ve been eating a good bit of fruit, and I’ll probably try to limit that this next week. I had to spend the entire week out of the gym due to an injury, but I’ve been working on mobility at home and hope to get at least a few WODs in this week. I’ve cut my caffeine intake down to just about nothing and I feel good – no headaches and prompt, restful sleep.

    I actually just got my first food craving – I’d kill for a pizza – but I’m about to crush it with what I believe is the most paleolithic meal imaginable. Steak tartare. That’s right, raw beef. Beat that.

    Culley/Terry 2011

  • Andy Weddle

    My first full week of paleo went a lot easier than I thought it would, I didn’t find myself hungry all the time. In the past it was not unheard of for me to visit fast food drive throughs multible times a day throughout the week. Now I spend a little time preparing my lunch and snacks so it helps me out on not getting something to eat I shouldnt. I did get to try 5 new vegetables this past week as well as bison and ostrich so my week was full of firsts for me and was a fun way to start paleo. I did get to meet my partner for the first time this week Rob, and he is doing great too, We communicate through text. I started working out everyday but sunday and still plan on doing that. (If my body holds up) This past week the wods seemed pretty hard to me because of shoulder problems, but really focusing on mobility has helped me the latter part of the week. My shoulder is starting to feel a lot better and I’m starting to get range of motion back. As for the week ahead I feel better prepared because I now know what to expect as far as taking the time to prepare meals and snacks and I can now work on ways to be more efficient with my time. Everybody have a great week, Stay Strong

  • Megan Cirgin

    My first week Paleo was pretty good. I felt Good during work outs this week except for Angie. After Angie i seriously went home and laid in bed. I figured out that I hadn’t been eating enough which is weird to say because usually I eat too much most of the time because i love food. Nate and i made Tuna steaks this week which i really didn’t care for but that is ok, at least i tried some new stuff. I have had some cravings this week for non-paleo foods but i felt like that was part of it, and just kind of had a handful of almonds and on i went with my life. The hardest thing was going out to a restaurant with my family. I really wanted a baked potato and my brother kind of antagonizing me didn’t help but I was strong and didn’t eat any grains or anything like that. We actually usually eat on the go all the time and this is nice for us to actually prepare to cook. Nate is a very good cook but I bake way better than him ha ha. I have to plan my lunches out everyday bc i am not home. I usually eat on campus and luckily they have microwaves. I do a lot of salads with some kind of meat in them. Its just easier for me to do that and very quick to fix. I have been really excited to cook. Tonight i spent about 2 hours baking stuff for nate and i to try. I cooked zucchini brownies, Jameson’s moms energy bars, and avocado chocolate pudding. Later this week its Apple crisp off of Heather’s blog. We plan on making a lot of food this week, we sat down for about an hour last night and planned dinners that we could make this week just so that we are more prepared, we felt like for Monday and Tuesday of last week we were very prepared for dinner but then it got later in the week and we weren’t as prepared. We really like slow cooking pork loin the recipe from the Paleo Solution Book by Robb wolf, almost any recipe in there is very simple and not a lot of ingredients. But otherwise i am excited for the rest of this challenge!

    • hcfchallenge

      It takes a lot of will power when you go out to eat with other folks. One day it won’t be so hard 🙂 Some havn’t had to experience those difficult situations and you should feel proud to have overcome it with nate!

  • susan

    SAM!!!! Thank you thank you thank YOU for telling me about Hoosier Crossfit and being so enthusiastic about Paleo eating. After 6 months of a miserable plateau and/or messing with the same 20 pounds over and over again, the plateau is finally broken. And not just by a little bit, but a smashed plateau after just one week of eating Paleo! I feel like I am eating more than I was before and not starving all the time. It feels great and I am so motivated again.

    Paleo eating is so much simpler than I expected. I love it that nearly all my foods have just one ingredient. I haven’t used any seasonings at all yet, I just wanted to get used to what each food was going to taste like first.

    Before the Challenge I read Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf. This week I started Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso. I would like to share this from Sarah’s book:
    When getting started, it is important not to overwhelm yourself by looking deep into the future. Don’t think about how you may never eat another bagel. Don’t get stressed about what you will do at parties. And don’t get your heart palpitatiing by thinking that your grandmother will never forgive you for shunning her famous apple pound cake. Simply take your paleo journey one meal at a time. Focus on what you are doing right now, not on what might happen two weeks from now at the monthly moms’ night out. Realize that you have the tools to make this work, and you have made a wonderful decision that will change your life only for the better. Remember, anything worth something takes hard work. Take it one meal at a time, be prepared, and enjoy the ride.

    • Sam Spade

      Susan, you are one of the nicest people I’ve met in my entire life. I truly can’t think of anyone more deserving of your recent successes and happiness than you. You are an inspiration to so many people, many of whom you don’t even know. Keep doing what you’ve been doing for the past year, and as Sarah Fragoso says, “Enjoy the ride!”

    • hcfchallenge

      Susan, thank you for sharing! That is a really inspiring quote from Sarah and great advice. I’m proud of your achievements this far into On Ramp and paleo!

  • Jameson

    First week went down without a hitch. I found it pretty easy to eat paleo for the first week considering the fact I haven’t been able to eat pizza. I have definitely had my strongest cravings for beer…growlers full of good beer! It being Oktoberfest season and all has made it hard for me not to take part and enjoy beer! On the the other hand, I have always done a lot of cooking on my own but this past week has taken me out of my comfort zone in the kitchen and I was more open to trying out new recipes (and meats!) This week I made a Cajun style alligator that was outstanding and I also tried my hand out at some roasted butternut squash soup that was also very tasty. I’m starting to like exploring all of the different recipes out there that I normally wouldn’t try making on my own. I am planning on trying a few new recipes every week in order to keep myself from getting burnt out on eating the same ol’ meat and veggies. I bought The Paleo Solution this week and I’m planning on starting it soon. I’m excited to see what the next few weeks have in store. So far so good, good luck to everyone!

  • Rob Mason

    So far, so good… I am really glad that I went to the meeting on Saturday. It was helpful and encouraging to hear/see the successful experiences that everybody had this past week! I took note and will incorporate some of the meals… (probably not the Kangaroo. I didn’t know you could actually get that.)

    As for myself, I did find myself a bit weaker and bit more tired than normal. I also found that I did not have any cravings for the most part and that I did not feel hungry. I think my body was just getting used to the diet 24/7 and that I actually might need to eat more.

    I did finish my On board and am looking forward to my first full blown class on Monday! I have to say it was pretty impressive watching everyone go through workout Saturday. Awesome stuff…

    As Andy mentioned (my paleo partner), we did meet during the week and have exchanged texts. He is a great example of someone who takes his workout/training seriously and is very much into giving 100% to the paleo. I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks…..

    Good luck to everyone, Rob

    • hcfchallenge

      Keep trucking, Rob! I’m also happy to hear about your partnership with andy is going well. We did this so everyone can give each other inspiration and advice. It sounds like you’re a good team!

  • Nate Fair

    First week Paleo, in the rear-view!

    I have to say it had its highs and lows.

    Meg and I tried quite a few new foods. All the meals that I cooked were fantastic and the cookies Meg made were phenomenal. She can complain all she wants about the Tuna (little too rare for her), but it was rather good!

    We survived our first eating out … but with my steak … it probably wasn’t Paleo … Thanks, JJ! Oh well, you live and you learn.

    I can tell I’m starting to really get into the Paleo cooking! Know how I know — I’m a serious dork when it comes to how certain things work … Like did you know when your fingers are really sticky from handling garlic (chopping or pealing) all you have to do is get them damp and rub against a stainless steel surface. I would break down the chemistry here, but I’m sure most of you would roll your eyes and let out a big sigh of: bleh!

    I’m really excited to start this week just because I feel we are more prepared than we were last week. We took more time in the planning stage than we had been. Hopefully, it pays off! Meg was baking up a storm and I was gladly telling her how much I was going to enjoy eating it all before she could taste (so don’t tell her, I hid a bunch of stuff… just kidding).

    As Meg and I start a new week I’ll leave you with a quote: “Ah, women. They make the highs and the lows more frequent!”

    • hcfchallenge

      Lol. nice post nate. Thanks for the tip with the garlic! I think the details would be interesting – understanding it would be another story, though! Highs and Lows are all a part of nature, but when we live, we learn how to make things easier whether it’s eating out or eating in.

  • Trey Russell

    This first week was really rough. Started to get a fever on sunday night then by midday monday I had a 102 degree temp. Went to the doctor got some antibiotics, and finally started to feel somewhat better by Wednesday. I didn’t have much of an appetite but tried to make some small meals that were simple and quick. I did try some new paleo recipes one was shrimp with red peppers over spaghetti squash, pork tips cooked in onions and green peppers, also made turkey meatballs for the first time they actually turned out pretty well. I only made it to one class during the week the whole being sick threw me off on working out and i barely had any energy all week and was tired way more than usual. Im trying to make my dinner meals quicker and take less prep time thats been the hardest thing also along with getting a quick breakfast in to start the day. I have been craving anything and everything that comes to mind but im still committed and ready to get through week two quick!

    • hcfchallenge

      My first paleo challenge was a true challenge when I was sick like that. I almost cheated with some chicken noodle soup, crackers, cheerios, and gatorade – but I’m glad I stayed true to my challenge way back then. Do your best to not give in to those temptations when you’re craving. We came up with some good options last week including brushing your teeth, drinking a glass of water, or just getting your mind busy with another taks. Great job this week and hope you’re feeling better!

  • Michele

    So, I did not have a great 1st week, at least not if we’re judging by adherence. For the first few days I was just really, really hungry all the time; hungry in a “get the f*#! out of my way I need food right now” kinda way. I figured out what changes I needed to make to cope with that (EAT MORE!), but after that it became a problem of will power… something I do not have in spades. I’ve had several small failures; some that were the result of circumstances I just wasn’t prepared for and some that were simply my giving in to my wants. I don’t want to make excuses; I know the difference between intention and commitment. But I also know that willpower, like strength, stamina, and flexibility, is not something we all have equally. I also know that willpower can be exercised and developed over time. I knew better, knew myself better, than to think I could suddenly go 100% Paleo. That’s just not the way I work. I know I’m better off to scale back to an attainable goal, to take pride in my successes, and then build on that rather than set myself up for failure. So that’s what I’m going to do.

    And as for successes, I feel like I did have some. I’m learning to cook new things and learning new ways to cook old things. I’ve definitely cut out a lot of sugar and I’m thinking about nutrition a lot more now than I ever have before. I’ve got a long way to go, but I feel like I’ve started down a good path and I’m inspired to keep going.

    • hcfchallenge

      or. you can give yourself more credit sometimes like saying to yourself “I CAN do this!” instead of, “I should have known better.” There’s a sense of optimism that we need here!!! In my beginnings I felt like I was in rebhab for drugs. Why is it so hard for us to give up the things we “love?” In reality, it’s so hard to give up things we are addicted to. Keep fighting, michele.

  • Dawn Volungis

    I think I had a really decent first week of the challenge. I have been cooking a lot more, which causes a lot of dishes but it’s all worth it. I live by myself and normally hate leftovers. But now I find the meals I have been cooking are things I actually want to eat for 2 or 3 days in a row. Plus that helps with lunch planning at work the next day and cuts down on wasting food like I used to.

    I still am struggling with snacks on days when I just am crazy busy and not near my office. I take carrots with me all over and made my own jerky yesterday. I only want to use that sparingly since I used some coconut aminos to marinate it and the salt isn’t something I want to have too much of. I do feel full and generously content after I have a meal but do have some breakthrough hunger a couple of hours later. I drink water and try to wait to see if it’s real hunger, other than boredom or distraction.

    I survived a dessert party on Friday night. While everything looked good I wasn’t tempted too much to want any of it. I did plan ahead by eating before the party. Then I brought my own paleo coconut cookies to the party, had a couple of slices of apple, and a glass of Merlot and was good to go with that.

    I have one more day of on-ramping and those workouts are still kicking my butt. But I’m still new to Crossfit and had been recovering from some back and foot injuries so I need to be more patient with myself. I am nervous about actually starting “real” classes without my little on-ramping study group 🙂 It’s been helpful to see other workouts before class and check out the Saturday group.

    • Dawn Volungis

      I forgot to put this in there but I have already lost 6 pounds and fit into jeans that were waaaaaay too uncomfy just a week before this started. I do feel great mentally and it’s encouraging to see the results elsewhere in those other areas physically.

    • hcfchallenge

      That’s what I’m talking about, Dawn! You went to a freaking dessert party. You never implied that it was “too much to handle” so you took a little taste. You are so strong, and I appreciate your commitment to the challenge! I also though it’d be a good idea to just stuff your bra with some veggies for when you’re not near your office 😉

  • Leah

    My first week of total paleo went well. Im not a big meat eater, so that has been a huge challenge for me. I have eaten more meat in the last week than in the past 6 months. My husband and sons are enjoying the meals as well. I have had a picky diet for years, so trying something new didnt really happen, unless you can count almond milk! My goal is to try some kind of fish (I was thinking tuna steak till I read Megan’s post). I have had waaaay more energy! I dont need 3 cups of coffee to get me going. Some days I think I could even do without, but Im not that brave yet. I had only one slip-up with an ice cold Upland(bad day). Hoping to get creative in the kitchen this week. Karen and Jen inspire me with foods they bring to work to share.

    • hcfchallenge

      No more slip ups! That’s why we have this challenge, because it’s too easy to slip up without a challenge. However, I’m super proud of you taking some risks with your food choices. Don’t be scared of megan’s comment; we all have different palates. Try it sometime and if you don’t like it, I bet there’s another hungry person at your table to finish what you don’t want.

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