Brissia’s Story

“Age 14 I was in a lot of physical pain, all my joints, lower back, and neck ached. ”  “A pinched nerve,  No wait…  juvenile arthritis with sciatica.”  I was constantly in pain, movement was minimal, and sleep wasn’t something I was familiar with.  I used a cane to get around during winters and my GI problems were all over the map.” “I was a 19 year old living in the body of a tubby, bitter 90 year old.”

“I did the research, took the challenge and 4 months in – here I am a new woman!  I have never felt better in my life!  I am full of energy, sleep well, eat delicious foods, and am at the fittest I have ever been.  I jog, run, and climb – things I enjoyed and had not done since I was a little girl.  I am cheery, happy and my true self is finally coming out.  My outlook on life has done a 180.  I feel better than I did at 19.”

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About hcfchallenge

The Paleo diet is simple yet remarkably effective for fat loss and halting or preventing a number of degenerative diseases. To reap the benefits of the most effective nutritional strategy known, one need simply build meals from the following: * Lean proteins (ideally) grass fed meat, free range fowl and wild caught fish * Seasonal fruits and vegetables * Healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil Our 6 week challenge will help you ease your way into the Paleo Diet. Regardless of your fitness or health goals, you WILL look, feel and perform your best on the Paleo diet. For most people the fact the Paleo diet delivers the best results is enough. Improved blood lipids, weight loss and reduced pain from autoimmunity is proof enough. Many people however are not satisfied with blindly following any recommendations, be they nutrition or exercise related. Some folks like to know WHY they are doing something. Fortunately, the Paleo diet has stood not only the test of time, but also the rigors of scientific scrutiny. View all posts by hcfchallenge

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